Friday: Blue Friday!

Wear blue
as a sign of peace and safety today

Former Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in establishing United Nations Peacekeepers, who wear blue as a symbol of peace as they perform their work around the world.

This day will focus on the main message "BE the change!". Mahatma Gandhi helped to lead India, now the world's largest democracy, to independence with very little violence. Gandhi said, "Be the change that you want to see in the world."

Wear blue today in your school, community and workplace to show that together we CAN be the change in making our communities safer and more respectful places to live, learn, work and play!


Alex Hope Elementary School in Langley, British Colombia


Queen Elizabeth School in Sault St. Marie Ontario Stands Up to Bullying on Blue Friday!

Students and staff at Andover Elementary Community School in Perth-Andover, New Brunswick got together to form a human peace symbol as part of Anti-Bullying Awareness Week activities. About 400 individuals participated to make the statement. Read the full story..


Take Part in the Blue Friday Youth Leadership Conference (Free Registation)

Alliance to End Violence (AEV) and Action Committee Against Bullying and Harassment members (ACABH) brought Blue Friday Conference to Calgary hosting this Event on the Friday of Anti Bullying week. This year, CiACY has indeed taken over the initiative to create the awareness of Bullying in schools and we are hosting the 2nd Annual event of Blue Friday at Ernest Manning High School on November 20, 2009 following your theme of Anti Bullying Week once again. We are indeed Standing up and reaching out to our youth.

We are open to all youth’s registration and welcome all to come sit in on our FREE Conference. Registration is highly recommended at or visit - programs – Blue Friday for more information.

We currently have 32 speakers lined up to present in 3 different time slots running at 16 breakouts concurrently. Yes, the community has indeed supported your grassroots initiatives, considering that we are still in search of a corporate Funder for the event!

We hope that we will be able to host this Event annually from here on in.

Other Action Ideas:

  • Hold a school dance to celebrate the week
  • Hold a special school assembly to honor your school's "Caring Kids" and thank members of the community who supported your efforts
  • Have the entire school population (wearing blue of course) meet on your school's playground, sports field other large area in order to form a heart or spell the word "P E A C E". Invite the press to take photos from above.
  • Screen any videos that were produced this week, have students share the poetry or music.
  • Create a large mural or wall that students can sign to promise that "Everyone has the right to be respected and the responsibility to respect others"
  • Take the (anti-bullying) pledge together