Bullying Awareness Week Kick -off Day!: Get the Facts

What is bullying? Why should we care? What are the effects of bullying? What are the myths and facts about bullying?

Possible Day Plan Example:

Bullying Awareness Week School Assembly or Community Event:

Workshop activities:

  • Establish a youth advisory and leadership group with local school administration and local community leaders


  • Celebrate the day's learning with the sharing of creative contributions from school and community participants.

"Caught You Caring Campaign!"

If actitivies are taking place in a school, ask teachers, classroom assistants, parent volunteers, librarians, office staff, school bus drivers, cafeteria staff, custodians and ANYONE else who works in the school, to participate in the
"Caught You Caring Campaign" beginning this week (and all year long afterwards).

Teaching Idea:

Hi, In my grade 4 class we have been spending some time talking about bullying with the help of the guidance counselor. As an activity we had all students write their feelings about bullying in the form of jot notes, poems, essay or song. Some of the possible themes were "Why Bullies Bully,""What Bullying Means to Me", "How Can I stop Bullying." I was trying to decide of a way to show them to the school. When I heard this morning on the radio that it was Bully Awareness Week I thought it was a great opportunity to put our work on display and educate others. I gave every student a cut out of a person with lines on it. The students drew faces and hair on the body, rewrote their writing and colored it. I put them on display in the hallway. Students cut them out and I stapled them on the board like they were holding hands, working together. I had the class brainstorm for possible titles for our display. They voted on the titles and our winner was "There's No Point in Bullying." This activity worked out really well and the class enjoyed. I stuck my dislplay up today and I have already recieved positive feedback. -shared by Wendy Sutton

Bullying Awareness Week Feedback:

BAW went well here in Grand Falls- Windsor, Newfoundland. Presentations were delivered to Sprucewood academy (Grades 3-6) and Millcrest Academy, a Grade 4-6 school. A group of 8 junior high students presented to Sprucewood. They took turns presenting to individual classes and got pointers by observing each other. Their presentations got better as they went along and experimented with what worked best. The kids were awesome and very proud and excited to participate. They found that some of the presentation was repetitive and too wordy, especially for the youngest. The videos that the students made really connected with them. They most liked the sock video and the respect rap.

We had a second group of high school students (a leadership class) present to Millcrest. The high school students were so excited to be part of it and want to continue to do this sort of thing. We had difficulty holding down the number of presenters, so we went with 15 students who worked it out so everyone had a meaningful part to play. These students chose to personalize their presentations more and gave personal stories about their own experiences.

It was a valuable experience for all. Teachers talked it up. We had a poster contest with prizes at both schools. Their drawings were amazing and showed how much they got out of it. We also dressed in blue. We had assemblies at both schools at the end of the week where poster prizes were prsented. We had all the kids at both schools sign a banner showing their promise to take a stand against bullying, and showed them what it looked like with all the signatures on it. They gasped! They stood up and recited the pledge. We are involved in a new sa school initiative and BAW2005 was an awesome kick off for our project. thanks!!! -Submitted by Eden Schwartz, Grand Falls -Windsor, Nl.