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To help promote this year's annual Bullying Awareness Week, please download
and share this audio Public Service Announcement in .mp3 format.
Please ask your local radio stations to air it, play it with the school on your
school's PA system or e-mail it to others.

Please contact us and let us know with whom you are intending to share this information, this way we will do our best to ensure that there is no duplication or overlapping of messages. e-mail: info(a)

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Take an online course or view a Webinar about bullying and/or cyberbullying at your next conference, school Professional Development Day,
Parent-Teacher Association, community meeting or at home from:


Students eat lunch in the cafeteria under a mural painted by former
Tibbetts Middle School students Thursday. (Xavier Mascareas/The Daily Times)

Music and Video (Used here with the permission of the artists in collaboration with

Audio / Music:

  • Bullying Awareness Week 2006 video PSA contest winner:
    "Don't Stand By!" by student Emily Lowry

  • Bullying Awareness Week 2006 video PSA contest finalist:
    "Don't Label Others" by student Jessica Adams

  • Bullying Awareness Week 2005 video PSA contest winner:
    "Respect" by students at Oscar Blackburn School

Peer Power Youth Presenters

What is Peer Power Youth Presenters Program?

Would you like your school or community group to join?

Feedback about the Peer Power Presenters Program:


I recently registered for the Peer Power presentation, which I have now received, and am in the process of recruiting some students to take part in the presentation.

I have used your Web sites extensively and have found them to be very informative and the students enjoy accessing the different locations.

Thank you for your continuing committment to our young people and for providing the education needed to help deal with the bullying issue that exists in the world.

Take care,

Kathy Moccio
Child/Youth Worker

More Feedback from Peer Power Presenters...

Read this letter about the Peer Power Presenters' thoughts and experiences from St. Jean Brebeuf Jr. High School in Calgary, Alberta


Helpful Planning Resources:

  • Create one small team (not a huge, combursome committee) that is committed to coordinating your local plans
  • include the community as much as possible; parents, social workers, police officers, school trustees, local business people, local community leaders such as the mayor and town/city council, local celebrities, local media, etc.
  • If your BAW Team is located in a school, ensure that the media understands that bullying happens in ALL schools, the reason that your school or community group is supportng BAW is because the school / community wants to see change for the better.
  • Key questions:
    • Who are your activities focused on? (Who will the participants be?0
    • What is the content of your BAW activities (refer to Key BAW Key Messages)
    • Arrange for food and drinks for important activities. Contact a local business to see if they will partner with you and sponsor this. (Make sure to give them credit and thanks early and often!)
    • Arrange for local media coverage. make sure to arrange for appropriate permission forms to be signed by parents in case the children have their image on tv or in the newspaper
    • Create a support team that will ensure that speakers, guests or activity leaders have everything they need, such as a multimedia projector, projection screen, microphone, speakers, flip charts, markers, sticky notes etc.
    • Who will speak to the media?
    • Who will communicate with your BAW partners?
    • How will this be done? E-mail, paper newsletters, phone calls, the Web etc.?
  • Do your homework! (Get the facts) Go to ("I Want to Learn") and learn as much a you can about bullying


Suggested Plans and Activities:

Organising the Days -An example outline

Getting off to a Great Start!

  • Preparing participants for the day. This is the most important part. You need to capture the hearts of the participants and open their minds to changing attitudes.
  • Make sure to make the objectives of each day clear so that everyone is one the same page

The Learning:

  • You will need to provide a variety of learning experiences. Remember that people have different learning styles; some learn best by what they see, some best by what they hear and others learn well when they can phyisically participate. Of course, most people learn best when they have a variety of learning experiences. Presentations are great, but try not to have participants sitting and listening for long periods of time. Try and make sessions varied, interactive and participatory.

The Wrap-up:

  • There should be a clear ending to the day(s). This should be a celebration of what was learned that day. Participants should end the day feeling that it has been a positive experience and exicted about what they can do to address bullying in their school and community in the future. They should also know that they are NOT ALONE in dealing with bullying and that their school administration, staff and community supports the effort to address bullying.
  • Suggested activity: Have all participants stand up and take the (anti-bullying) pledge together.
  • Ask participants to take a survey to evaluate how the day went; what went well, what could have been better

Possible Sessions:

  • Plenary or keynote: This is a presentation done for a large group such as a school or community group
  • Workshop sessions: These are sessions where participants can rotate through a variety of hands-on activities

Possible Activities:

  • Creative writing: Write prose, poetry (rap), music or drama (share these creative expressions on the Web site. Share them in person at the end of the day(s) as a part of the celebration of learning.

  • Art: Students can create posters expressing how they feel about bullying. These posters can then be posted throughout the school and the community. Students can also draw on paper grocery or lunch bags These bags can then be given out at local grocery stores, restaurants the school cafeteria etc. Bookmarks could also be made and given out to the local library and book stores to hand out with books borrowed or purchased.

  • Physical Education / dance / drama: Students could write, plan, act, and record an anti-bullying Public Service Announcement as an audio file or video (no longer than 60 seconds please). These audio or video recordings could be uploaded to the Web site for millions around the world to hear or watch.

  • Computer - Technology:
  • Mathematics: Students could use a spreadsheet program to collate and graph the results from the (anonymous) school or community survey about bullying.

The Idea bank -Share your ideas here!

I am a consultant with the Child Care Resource and Referral program here in 100 Mile House. I was researching bullying information and found your website. The information was great and I was able to pass it on. Thanks

After reading that “ Bullying will stop with 10 seconds…when someone steps in “ I thought a simple catchy phrases that could be taught to early years/elementary aged children who may find themselves as a bystander is “SEE (a child notices bullying taking place) SAY (a child says something to bully) WALK AWAY (a child walks away)

I think this is doable for any child, if the child is not comfortable to say something to the bully then they could tell an adult and walk away. This would leave no audience for the bully and take away their power.

I just wanted to pass this on. Thanks for the good work.

Tammy Levesque-Holyk


Official Declarations of Support and Community Action:

Bullying Awareness Week in the News:

October 30, 2009

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