Communication, Promotion and Final Planning Day

Please also honour Remembrance Day today!

Communication and Promotion:

This is the day when we encourage BAW ambassadors and partners to spread the word about BAW with their communities and networks.

Please find below a link to the BAW 2008 media release in Adobe Acrobat PDF format that you can use to forward to the media and local part in your community.

Bullying Awareness Week 2008 Media Release

To help promote this year's annual Bullying Awareness Week, please download
and share this audio Public Service Announcement in .mp3 format.
Please ask your local radio stations to air it, play it with the school on your
school's PA system or e-mail it to others.

Please contact us and let us know with whom you are intending to share this information, this way we will do our best to ensure that there is no duplication or overlapping of messages. e-mail: info(a)

*Please visit the "Resources" page for some ideas and resources to help you plan your local Bullying Awareness Week.

Dear Bill Belsey President of,

I am an English teacher at a school in Terceira, an island in Azores, Portugal.

A few months ago I was searching the Net for information on the theme bullying at schools for my level IV English Language classes and I was surprised and amazed by the quality of the information on your Website. So, as you propose, I adapted some of the material and gave my students a tour on the site. They all love it.

I developed some of the activities such as the survey and my students took the pledge. Those were very interesting classes and I really believe that now they are more alert to these kind of situations and will know how to react and help others in a bullying situation, which, by the way, is an increasing problem at our school.

I would have loved promoting a bullying awareness week, but it was too late to contact you and prepare all the activities that you propose. We will certainly particpate next year.

By becoming a friend of, I hope we can stay in touch and also I wish to learn how you can help to address bullying in my school and community.

Most sincerely,

Doroteia Dias