Bullying Awareness Week Theme

The theme for Bullying Awareness Week 2009 and forward is:

"Stand Up!" (to bullying)

This bulletin board was created at the community school in
St. Augustine River, Quebec

Bullying Awareness Week has had a number of themes since Bullying Awareness Week began in November 2003. Since then it has had the following themes:

Stand Up!
a poem written by Bruce in Calgary, Alberta Canada

I was hurt
I was on the ground
I look up and I see
People looking at me
I see the sky
I look beside me and I see my best friend
Just standing there'
Looking at me
I am scared
I don't know why he is looking at me
He is not helping me
I thought he was my friend
I thought he looked out for me
I thought he cared
But I realised that the only one helping me was Wanda

Wanda is a girl who barely talks to me
She doesn't really have friends...
Just me
I think that if she helps me
She likes me
And if she cares for me, she likes me
And if she cares for me, she is my friend
The only one that is my friend today is Wanda
I think that if somone stands up
Just one person
The world can change
Why won't we just...

Official Declarations of Support and Community Action: