Stop Cyberbullying Day!

"Send the Msg: Stop Cyberbullying!" *

(Msg = message)

This day will focus on cyberbullying and the main message that.
"Everyone has the right to be respected and the responsibility to respect others, in person AND online!'

Possible Action Ideas:

Place this logo on your Website or blog and link it to on or before Stop Cyberbullying Day (Wednesday of Bullying Awareness Week)

Possible Day Plan Example:

Plenary / Keynote address:

  • Invite a special guest speaker to come and address the school / community participants about the issue of cyberbullying

Workshop activities:

  • Establish a youth advisory and leadership group with local school administration and local community leaders


  • Celebrate the day's learning with the sharing of creative contributions from school and community participants.
  • Honour a student, or local young person who is helping to make a difference for others in your school or community. See Caring Kids Awards as an example.

    *Note: The slogan "Send the Message" is used here with the permission of and thanks to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Alberta. It was first used at their conference about cyberbullying that was held on May 11th, 2007 in Edmonton, Alberta.